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Well guys, here we are again, and her have one more update with Rocco Siffredi videos, for you. This is also a two parts scene, so don’t forget to check the other video out too. In this first scene Rocco Takes two very slutty and horny women to his private house to spend some nice sexual times with them this fine day. So watch him as he goes out of his way to please both women fucking them with all that he’s got for this one. Don’t worry though he doesn’t tire easily so you can bet her did one awesome job by the end.

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In this second part of this Rocco Siffredi update, the male porn star gets around to having another pair of eager pussies getting all the attention from him. The two invited him to see their race cars since both women are buggy drivers, but the real reason was to test that legendary cock with heir own pussies and asses. But Rocco already knew that. You know that the guy knows these kinds of things, and he sure as hell knows when women are looking for a fucking. So watch them fuck all over the hangar today for your enjoyment.


Rocco Siffredi Outdoor Fucking Session

For this time’s Rocco Siffredi update we have a video all primed and ready for you guys to enjoy. For this one we would like to bring you a scene with Rocco pleasing two very eager and horny pussies in the park today. The two women invited him to a picnic and he accepted, but he did guess what was going on through the two little sluts. He figured out that the real reason for the whole outing was for him to fuck them hard style, and he knew this once he caught a glimpse that one of them wasn’t wearing anything under the dress.

And once the time came, he straight out told them to tell him how’ they would want to do this. The hotties looked at each other and then at him telling him that they were both expecting a good nuru massage and thorough anal fucking from him this sexy afternoon. So without further due, watch as RoccoSiffredi Fucks the hot women in the ass today and be sure to check out the whole thing, you won’t want to miss a second of this video. And with that we take our leave once again. We’ll see you next time guys and enjoy!

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Rocco’s Hot Scene

In this scene as you know by now, Rocco Siffredi always has to have two pussies at least to be satisfied. one works too but he usually just enjoys some variety you know? This time he went for a relaxing stroll by a pier , but you know that somehow this guys always ends up banging some random chicks that are super sexy every time. This time not being an exception he met two chicks that were really impressed with the size of his cock that they could see through his underwear in the lazy afternoon sun.

So the two just struck up a conversation and it didn’t take long for them to be all over Rocco and his cock. They retreated to a more secluded location to be able to have their fuck session away from prying eyes, and Rocco sure lucked out on this one. Both women were super hot and both of them were expecting a very hard dicking today. So without further due, sit back, relax and watch Rocco Siffredi do his thing fucking the pair hard style in this gallery of fresh images today. Like always enjoy, and see you next week with  more. Until then come inside website and enjoy watching other booty babes getting fucked in their wet asses.


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Rocco Siffredi XXX

Yet another fresh week and time for another xxx update. Today Rocco Siffredi got a surprise. You see the crew at the studio knew that this awesome guy’s birthday was coming up so we wanted to give him a gift. Incidentally the only thing that he absolutely loves is pussy and asses, just like famous producer John Leslie and in this industry there’s never shortage of such things. So we set him up to receive a visit from two very horny strippers that will put on a nice show for him and then they’d fuck him senseless for the rest of the night.

As the two appeared before him in the doorway RoccoSiffredi knew what was going to happen so he just went along with the whole thing, allowing the two women to put on their sexy show in front of him. After a while they started to undress him and they were quite pleasantly surprised to see the guy’s serious cock that was going to fuck them tonight. And that he did. You just have to see Rocco got to town on these two hotties asses and pussies in this superb update. As always we hope you enjoyed and see you next week with more hot threesome or gangbang scenes, all with your fav stallion.


See these sluts taking turns on riding Rocco’s hard cock!


Extreme Fucking

In today’s Rocco Siffredi update we have another woman that likes her sex hard style, and she’s not letting go of Rocco until she’s completely satisfied. The two had the fortune to meet when Rocco attended a special party and the lady declared herself quite a fan of the guy with the big cock. She told him that she likes to take it really hard and she would be honored to have the opportunity to take his big dick in her wide open butthole any time. And you know Rocco, her never turns down pretty women when they offer themselves up for grabs.

Seems that the slutty short haired brunette wasn’t lying as straight from the beginning she goes fast and hard on Rocco’s big cock with her sensual mouth and lips. Rocco Siffredi nearly blew his load, that’s how good this slutty woman was doing her job for him. He then bends her over and for the start takes her pussy up for a pounding, and eventually plants his big and hard cock in her tight ass to her utter pleasure. So watch her moaning as she just loves the feeling of that man meat stretching her holes today. If you wanna see other beautiful babes getting their tight asses stretched to the limits, you might visit the site!


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Rocco’s Fuck Session

Seems that for this fantastic fuck update, Rocco Siffredi packing a huge cock, found himself teaching some college grad teens about true pleasure. The two women were surprised to see him at their favorite bar and they decided to talk to him maybe learn some new things to try with their boyfriends. Well Rocco’s fuck a fan lessons don’t come for free so the pair of hotties had to offer up their asses and pussies to his cock in exchange for the tips. It wasn’t a bad deal as they’d also be getting satisfied by him today.

So the two take RoccoSiffredi back to their apartment where they make quick work of his clothes to get him undressed really quickly. Once they did that they both went down on him and did the most superb double blowjob that any man could hope to get from two beauties such as them. And when his cock was nice and hard it was time for the two hot teens to turn around and present him with their eager holes to be penetrated by his big cock balls deep. As always enjoy and keep on the lookout for more updates every week. Wanna see other beauties getting their asses fucked in public places? If you do, check out the public pickups site!


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Rocco Siffredi Anal Madness

Hey guys, we have one awesome Rocco Siffredi update for you today. This time we bring you an anal update that you won’t forget to soon. This two sluts picked Rocco up at the bar and they knew exactly who he was and what he was packing inside his pants. Namely that big cock that became a legend. And the two just had to get a piece of that tonight. They had no problems getting him interested because as you know by now, Rocco never says no to a free and awesome sex session with beauties. So let’s get this show on the road.

The two dragged the lucky guy back to their place where they’d take advantage of his stamina to be pleased tonight. Rest assured, as we told you the two knew who he was and they just wanted a good fucking that would make them cum and orgasm in pleasure. A thing that RoccoSiffredi always aims to offers to his ladies, so these two were in luck tonight. Watch them as they take turns riding his cock and enjoy guys. As always we hope you enjoyed the gallery and we’ll be seeing you next time. And if you can’t resist until the next week’s update and you wanna see another big dicked pornstar fucking gorgeous babes, check out the website. See you next time, friends! Bye! If you liked this scene and you can’t wait until the next post check out Lady Sonia‘s blog and find similar videos and pics!


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Rocco’s XXX Scene

Hey guys, one more fresh week and time for one more xxx Rocco Siffredi update. For this one there’s just one big gallery with the guy and two women instead of the usual two parts. Let’s just say that the fuck session that Rocco had with these two is more than enough to fill the whole  space today. You see this time Rocco Siffredi got to meet these two very hot and sexy art dealers, and boy do the two hotties like to dress slutty as well. The two caught him between them and they weren’t about to just let him go.

The pair of women start off easy by doing Rocco a nice foot job with their sexy and long feet. After that they both kneel down and take that huge peace of man meat in their mouths performing one incredible and hot double blowjob for the eager porn star. Once his cock was all nicely lubed it was time for him to get to work on those naughty pussies and asses of theirs. So watch him as he bends them over fucking them balls deep today for your enjoyment. Like always we hope you enjoyed and see you next week. If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, visit the site and see some cock hungry teens getting their tight pussies fucked!


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Rocco Siffredi Cock Craving Sluts

Another great week and time for one more amazing and hot update. Rocco Siffredi sure hit the jack pot with the two pairs of women today. He got to stick his cock in some very eager pussies, asses and mouths of some ladies that know the true meaning of hard style sex. The first fuck fest went down in a shed with the pair of brunettes that pounced on his cock not letting him go until both of them were full of his creamy jizz. He didn’t want to disappoint so you can expect to see some incredible sex scenes with them.

In the second part RoccoSiffredi went for a walk in the park to relax and unwind a bit from the last fuck session he did. That’s when he seemed to run into a pair of two ladies that were looking for a good fucking today and they were determined to get it at all costs. So Watch Siffredi as he caters to the pair of slutty women’s needs fucking them right there in the park. Watch them as they take turns sucking on his cock at the beginning and then see both of them bending over to present him with their asses for some balls deep fucking anal sessions. If you liked this scene and you’re looking for similar content, check out the blog. Enjoy!

rocco-siffredi-blowjob-scene      rocco-siffredi-cock-sucking

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Tied and Abused

In today’s pair of Rocco Siffredi gallery updates the theme is bondage and BDSM. If you didn’t believe us when we told you that the guys is experienced in all kinds of sexual pleasuring this is the chance to see for yourself as he gets to show off his dominant side with some ladies that want to act as good littleslaves in order to get all of his cock and juicy jizz before teasing nuru massage. The first two aim to show off their burning devotion to him and just let him dominate them all he wants ordering them around and fucking them as he pleases.

And you bet that the little sluts enjoyed every moment. No woman had sex with Rocco Siffredi and didn’t enjoy it. The second part has just one woman that gets to take the leading role making Rocco her little man slut. And she intends to punish him for his disobedience today by having her way with the guy’s big and rock had cock. So without further due, sit back and watch as Rocco does the ladies’ bidding fucking her just as she wants it, anally and in her pussy. And at the end she demands him to jizz on her face too. If you would like to see more, check out Rocco’s Twitter account, for more photos and videos!

rocco-siffredi-cum-fest       rocco-siffredi-tied-and-abused

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